Shtayyeh calls on "UNICEF" to follow up on the occupation´s crimes against children

 Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh called on “UNICEF” and various United Nations bodies to follow up on what was stated in the latest Human Rights Watch report, which documented Israel's perpetration of crimes against humanity in the Palestinian territories, such as apartheid and persecution.

The Prime Minister said, during his meeting with UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa Ted Chaiban, today, Monday in his office in Ramallah, that the occupation crimes against Palestinian children require a greater effort from international organizations to prevent Israel from continuing its violations and staying above international and humanitarian law, stressing the necessity. Forming an international front to end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Shtayyeh discussed with Shaiban the strengthening of cooperation, and he also reviewed many laws that were passed, such as determining the age of marriage, in addition to many laws that are being worked on, such as the Family Protection Law, and the government's plans and projects to reduce the unemployment rate, especially among young people and university graduates.

Shtayyeh indicated that the government is working to implement its development plans in clusters, and the Qalqilya agricultural cluster model has been implemented and has achieved success, and work is now underway to implement the rest of the models in the different governorates with the aim of creating balanced development among all Palestinian areas.

For his part, the UN official praised the efforts made by Palestine to protect and promote childhood, such as launching the strategic plan to combat violence against children, the law determining the age of marriage, and opening dialogue on the family protection law.

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