The occupation arrests 19 citizens from the West Bank and Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation forces arrested, today, Monday, 19 citizens of the West Bank, including Jerusalem, most of them from Nablus.

According to the official news agency, the occupation forces arrested Malik Jamil Yousef Al-Sharqawi (25 years), at the Beit Sharaf checkpoint west of Nablus, and he is a resident of New Askar. The occupation forces also stormed the village of Jaloud, south of Nablus, at dawn, and arrested 10 citizens, they are: Naseem Farah Farhan Abbad, Samir Sami Farhan Abbad, Muhammad Sami Farhan Abbad, Rakan Shaher Younis Fheidat, Mahmoud Shaher Younis Fheidat, Ibrahim Shaher Younis Fheidat, Muhammad Kamal Farhan Abbad, Walid Abdel Karim Muhammad Hammoud, Youssef Najeh Muhammad Hammoud, and Muhammad Ahmad Yaqoub Mutair.

The incursion into the village of Jalud came in conjunction with the settlers 'attack, and they set fire to the citizens' lands.

On the other hand, the Israeli occupation forces tightened their procedures since the morning hours at Za'tara checkpoint, south of Nablus, which resulted in a traffic crisis in the place.

The occupation forces closed all roadblocks and entrances around Nablus on Sunday evening, and prevented hundreds of vehicles from traveling for long hours.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation forces arrested, on Monday, five young men from the towns of Hizma and Al-Tur in occupied Jerusalem.

Local sources said: "The occupation forces arrested: Abdullah Hussein Al-Khatib, Muhammad Hamzah Mubarak, Ayman Khader Oqab, and Nadim Abdul Hamid Al-Khatib, after they raided and searched the homes of their relatives in the town of Hizma."

The sources added, "The occupation forces arrested the young Majdi Khaled Al-Hadra, after searching and raiding his relatives' home and interrogating its residents in the town of Al-Tur.

On the other hand, the Israeli occupation forces arrested, at dawn on Monday, the two young men Muhannad Jamal Nawoura (25 years old), and Ibrahim Nasir al-Wardian (22 years), after they raided their parents' homes and searched them in Bethlehem.

In addition, the Israeli occupation forces arrested, today, Monday, the former prisoner, Muhammad Rifat Jamil al-Salibi (18 years), from the town of Beit Ummar, north of Hebron, for interrogation in the settlement of "Beitar Illit" established on citizens' lands in the west of Bethlehem governorate, and arrested him after his interview, according to Statements by the media activist Mohamed Awad.

The occupation forces also set up military checkpoints at the entrances to the towns of Al-Dhahriya and Al-Samou ', and at the entrances to the northern city of Hebron, Jorah, in Hals, and the southern, the inspection.


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