Hayek: 156 thousand workers in Gaza have been affected by the Corona pandemic

President of the Palestinian Businessmen Association in the Gaza Strip, Ali Al-Hayek, said that the International Day of Workers passes this year, and the segment of workers is living in the most difficult conditions since March of last year, as a result of the disastrous effects of the Corona pandemic, on The sectors of the economy, which led to the injury of more than 165 thousand workers in the sector, not to mention the continuation of the division and the Israeli blockade for the 15th year in a row.

Hayek pointed out in a press statement on the occasion of International Workers Day, which falls on the first of May of each year, that there is a large gap between the numbers of actual workers and their counterparts who suffer from unemployment and poverty, indicating that the number of workers who are at the top of their jobs reaches 226 thousand A worker in the Gaza Strip, compared to 203,000 people, and about 195,000 unemployed graduates, stressing that they are suffering from the harshest economic and living conditions in years.

He said, "The unemployed groups live in clear and unjustified marginalization with their failure to obtain their minimum living and human rights," stressing that they suffer neglect from government and official agencies.

Hayek pointed out that the private sector and its workers, who account for 56 percent of those at the top of their jobs, were the first victims of the Corona virus, which led to the closure of hundreds of factories and economic establishments, without receiving any compensation for its losses and damages so far.

Al-Hayek stressed the importance of supporting groups of workers and owners of factories, establishments and companies in distress, as they constitute a top priority at the present time, by providing governmental and international programs capable of ending their suffering and compensating them for the losses they incur on a daily basis.

Al-Hayek called for the need to support the Palestinian economy and complete the reconstruction of the destroyed economic establishments and factories, and compensate them for their losses due to the division, siege and the Corona pandemic, in a way that contributes to boosting production.


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