Committee: 62 violations of the right of journalists during the past month

During the monthly report on the state of press freedoms in April 2021, the Committee to Support Journalists monitored (62) violations against media freedoms and journalists, including (49) Israeli violations, and (5) violations by Internal Palestinian parties, in addition to recording more than (8) cases of violations by social media companies, in the context of fighting Palestinian content and obliterating the Palestinian narrative.

The Israeli attacks in the occupied Palestinian territories, during April 2021, were the targeting and assault of 16 journalists, as they were the culmination of attacks and injuries, while they covered the marches, protests and the mass gift in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

On the side of the arrests, the Israeli occupation forces have arrested 6 journalists: Journalist Alaa al-Rimawi (still detained), journalist Muhammad Ateeq (still detained), journalist Qutaiba Qassem (still detained), and writer Moufid Jalghoum (still detained) Khaled Mutair (released), Sabreen Diab (released), while the occupation forces summoned (3) journalists: Mona Al-Qawasmi, Moaz Hamed, who was investigated by the Israeli Mossad in Madrid, and the journalist Musab Saeed.

In addition, the occupation military courts issued rulings, renewed the administrative detention decision, and extended the detention of more than (5) cases.

Concerning the raids and searches, the report recorded (3) cases of raids on the homes of journalists, searches and tampering with the contents of the house for you from the house of journalist Khaled Mutair, Sabreen Diab, and Alaa Al-Rimawi, while the occupation confiscated (4) personal belongings and press equipment, whether during searches of journalists' homes or By preventing them from practicing their professional work.

On the issue of the occupation preventing journalists from covering and performing their duties despite the risks to which they are exposed by the occupation from the side and the spread of the "Corona" epidemic, the report recorded (8) cases, during which journalists were prevented several times from covering public donations in occupied Jerusalem, and the holding of an election conference was banned. Journalists have access to the conference in occupied Jerusalem.

The report also recorded (4) cases of harassment and torture inside the occupation prisons against journalist Alaa al-Rimawi, who was transferred to Ofer prison and placed in solitary confinement, and subjected to harsh investigations amid disgraceful and humiliating treatment and deprivation of sleep, which led to the deterioration of his health and his transfer to hospital, especially as he is undergoing Open hunger strike.

Social media sites and platforms impose unfair restrictions on Palestinian content, under clear pressure from the Israeli occupation to fight the Palestinian narrative, as the Report of the Journalists Support Committee recorded during the April 2021 report more than (8) cases of preventing journalists from publishing, closing an account, and placing restrictions on publishing under the pretext of contravention. Instructions.


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