Starting operation of the central processing plant for the Gaza and Central governorates, at a cost of € 86 million

The head of the Water Authority, Mazen Ghoneim, announced the start of operating the central treatment plant for the Gaza and Central governorates after completing its first phase.

The operation of the plant comes within the Gaza Central Sewerage Project, as it will serve 600,000 citizens in the two governorates, and will contribute to improving water and sanitation services, and reducing the environmental crisis and sanitation in the Gaza Valley.

Ghoneim said during his meeting with the representative of the German government, Christian Glax, and Chairman of the Municipal Water Authority of the Central Treatment Plant Project, Majed Abu Ramadan, today, Wednesday, that the start of the operation of this project from the land of the Gaza Strip indicates the implementation of more great and successive achievements to develop and improve water and sanitation on Despite all the challenges and difficulties we live in.

He added that with the completion of the first phase of this project, the final phase of cleaning the Gaza Valley and its return to a clean natural reserve free of pollutants will begin, and the continuous pollution of the Gaza Sea will be stopped, as it is the only outlet for our people in the Strip, and today it is gradually returning to normal.

Ghoneim explained that with the end of last year, and after the completion of more than 90% of the Water Authority’s plan to avoid the catastrophe that was looming in the Gaza Strip, work is now underway to complete the strategic project, the central desalination plant to end the water problem in the coming years.

For his part, Glax emphasized that this project is an important step in the development and rebuilding of the infrastructure in Gaza, especially the water sector, adding that in 2016, the foundation stone was laid for this reduction of pollution.

"We were briefed on the problems faced by the various communities, especially pollution in the Gaza Valley, which required joint cooperation and swift intervention to work to improve the situation in it," he said, pointing out that the project is one of the most important projects that have been undertaken in partnership with the Water Authority to improve the sanitation sector.

In turn, Abu Ramadan said that the treatment plant project is unique in Palestine and exemplary, adding that high technology has been used, and it will treat wastewater efficiently and recover cost through solar energy, which is one of the components of the project.

It is worth noting that the Water Authority will work to implement the second phase of the project, which is related to doubling the capacity of the station.


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