Gaza: the emergence of new mutations will bring us back to an even more dangerous level, and the infection has returned to people who were previously infected

Rami Al-Abadleh, Director of the Safety and Infection Control Unit at the Ministry of Health in Gaza, said this evening, Wednesday, that the ministry was betting that 50 percent of the population of the Gaza Strip had been infected with the Coronavirus and this contributes to strengthening community immunity. Mutations that overcome the immune bodies mean a return from the first and the new, at a more dangerous level.

Al-Abadala warned during a press conference on the developments of the health situation, that the current wave will continue for a longer period, noting that indicators talk about the continuation of the epidemic situation in the next stage.

"In the coming period, there will be no decline in the epidemiological curve, and the decrease in the number of daily infections is not an indication of its flattening," Al-Abadleh said, noting that the epidemiological curve has been witnessing an increase since the tenth of this month due to the increase in critical and dangerous cases, and this is evident in the numbers of visitors to the respiratory screening departments in Hospitals.

The official at the Ministry of Health in Gaza indicated that the discovery of the British boom in the sector and its rapid spread are currently showing its results, indicating that there are great concerns about entering the Indian boom, and it cannot be confirmed whether it will exist or not.

Al-Abadleh pointed out that there may be other mutations in light of the continuous rise in critical cases, noting that samples have been sent to the World Health Organization and the results will appear after 10 days.

"The Indian boom worries all countries of the world, because it can overcome immunity and immune bodies through previous infections," he said.

He added, "The spread of the Indian boom is times greater than the British boom, and until now we cannot say whether it is in the Gaza Strip or not."

He noted that there are many injuries in the current wave that were hit in the previous wave, indicating that the first injury does not protect the body, and everyone is vulnerable to infection again.

"After 60 days of the first injury, a person may be infected again .. Everyone is exposed to a second injury after the first injury, and everyone should assess the situation and adhere to safety measures, and there is pressure on the Ministry of Health and the health system," Al-Abadleh said.

For his part, Iyad Al-Bazm, a spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, said that the decision to extend the currently existing preventive measures for another week was taken in light of the epidemiological situation, indicating that it will remain in effect until next Tuesday, and a new assessment of the situation will be made.

He pointed out that 9 injured people were referred to a compulsory quarantine center for violating the home quarantine decision, calling on the injured to adhere to the home quarantine or convert it to compulsory quarantine.

Al-Bazm indicated that the Crossings Authority began today with anticipation of the arrival of all arrivals from the affected countries from the Indian boom, specifically India and Bangladesh, and they will be referred to mandatory quarantine.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Interior in Gaza stated that there is a directive for Corona Investigation to increase and intensify its procedures at this stage to follow up all markets and establishments, and legal measures will be taken against violators.

He said, "Citizens must assess the seriousness of the stage we are in, as government measures are not sufficient unless the citizen adheres to these measures."

"We balance between enabling citizens to meet their needs on the one hand, and confronting the epidemiological developments on the other hand, but government measures alone are not sufficient in that, and everyone must commit themselves," he added.


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