South Korea frees $ 30 million in Iranian blocked funds for the purchase of drugs and vaccines

South Korea released a small percentage of Iranian assets in its banks to buy medicines and vaccines, according to (Press TV) on Wednesday, citing a prominent Iranian businessman.

Hossein Tanhaii, head of the Iran-South Korea Joint Chamber of Commerce, said today that "only 30 million US dollars of Iranian funds have been released in South Korea to buy anti-Coronavirus vaccines and other medicines."

In February, South Korea agreed to help release at least $ 1 billion of the nearly $ 7 billion in funds that had been locked in two banks in South Korea since 2018.

"However, the agreement has not yet been implemented," Tanhaihi added.

Iran announced that South Korea is late in paying about $ 7 billion in exchange for Iranian oil, which has been frozen in South Korea’s banks due to US pressure to impose sanctions on Iran.


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