Gaza health: an increase in injuries, and yesterday the highest number of cases in care was recorded

Director of the Infection Control and Safety Department at the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip Rami Al-Abadla said today, Wednesday, that the sector is witnessing an increasing escalation in the rate of infections in the second wave of the Covid 19 virus.

Al-Abadleh pointed out in a press statement to him that the dangerous infections with the virus yesterday reached their highest rates, as the number of cases in the intensive care centers reached 308, the highest number since the pandemic entered the Gaza Strip.

Al-Abadala pointed out that the increase in serious injuries means an increase in the number of deaths, calling on citizens to be more careful and adhere to preventive and safety measures and procedures imposed by government institutions, in order to limit the spread of the virus.

The Director of the Infection Control Department indicated that the tightening of government measures aims to limit the spread of the disease in the Gaza Strip, and pass the current wave with the least losses.

Al-Abadala pointed out that the Ministry of Health staff is making every effort to follow up the injured and provide the necessary health care, pointing to the efforts of the epidemiological investigation teams to communicate with the infected citizens to check on their health, provide the necessary recommendations, collect data on the patient, identify the sources of infection, and issue reports for the investigation committee about Prevalence rates and causes that led to the infection.


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