The Media Group demands the release of 25 journalists from the occupation prisons

The Palestinian Media Group called on the authorities concerned with the rights of journalists, especially the International Federation of Journalists, to pressure the occupation to release 25 press prisoners as soon as possible.

The media group said, in a statement on the occasion of the Palestinian Prisoners' Day, Saturday, that the prisons and detention centers are still witnesses to the crimes of the occupation, which broke all human and moral rules, and transcended all the values ​​agreed upon by humanity.

He added that the occupation targets journalists and media professionals despite the laws that guaranteed their freedom during their work, pointing out that the occupation has arrested about 25 journalists, with the aim of blurring the truth and silencing them.

The gathering stressed the necessity for continuous effort from all media institutions to show the grievances of these prisoners and their families, and to expose the occupiers' crimes against them locally, regionally and internationally.

The gathering called on the media institutions to keep the issue of the prisoners alive in the conscience and life of the Palestinian people and the Arab peoples, by launching media initiatives that focus on showing the national and human dimension in the issue of the prisoners.

He called on human rights and humanitarian institutions to work seriously in performing their duties by lifting Israeli oppression from the prisoners and giving them internationally agreed rights, stressing the need to keep the prisoners' issue at the top of Palestinian diplomacy and the necessity of serious work in order to liberate them through available diplomatic means.


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