The occupation arrests 8 young men from Al-Aqsa and clashes in several Jerusalem neighborhoods

The occupation forces arrested eight young men from inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque, late Thursday evening, Thursday, and Friday morning, after storming the Al-Qibli prayer hall and the outer squares of the mosque in an attempt to evict the worshipers from it.

Clashes erupted with the occupation forces in several Jerusalem neighborhoods, specifically in the old points of Jerusalem, and these confrontations renewed near the Damascus Gate for the third day in a row, following the occupation’s suppression of the youths present with sound bombs and the Israeli police’s provocations against the Jerusalemites, and their violations against Al-Aqsa Mosque, where Arabists kidnapped a young man from the Bab al-Amud area. According to eyewitnesses.

The occupation forces also assaulted the youths near Bab Al Sahira, beating and pushing them, and forcing them to leave by force, amid the deployment of a policeman at the scene.


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