Gaza: More than 10,000 births and 4,000 deaths in the first quarter of 2021

The civil status offices of the Ministry of the Interior _ the civil division in the governorates of the Gaza Strip recorded 10 thousand and 43 newborns, and 4 thousand and 100 deaths during the first quarter of this year 2021.

Statistics issued by the Ministry showed that the number of male births reached 5 thousand and 244 births, a rate of 52.2%, while the number of female births reached 4 thousand and 799 births by 47.7%.

In detailing the governorates, the statistics indicated that the civil status offices in the Interior Directorate of Gaza Governorate registered 3 thousand and 646 births, and the North Gaza Governorate recorded 1742 births, while the Central District Directorate recorded 1450, Khan Yunis District 2057, and Rafah District 1148 births.

On the details of the death statistics, the Civil Status stated that its offices in the governorates of the Strip recorded 4,100 deaths during the last quarter, of which 2153 were males or 52.5%, and 1947 females, 47.4%.


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