Dozens of settlers storm Al-Aqsa

Today, Monday morning, about 87 settlers stormed the squares of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, in a provocative manner, from the Mughrabi Gate .

The Islamic Endowments Department in Jerusalem stated that the Israeli occupation police closed the Mughrabi Gate after the storming, and that settlers wandered in the mosque's squares, amid the protection of Israeli police .

The occupation police allow settlers and Jewish extremists to storm Al-Aqsa in two periods. Morning and starting from 07:30 - 11:00 in the morning occupied Jerusalem time, and the evening continues for an hour after the noon prayer .

Al-Aqsa Mosque is exposed daily (except on Friday and Saturday) to a series of incursions and violations by settlers and the various arms of the occupation, while the occupation police continue to target officials of the Islamic Endowments Department and Al-Aqsa guards by summoning them for investigation or deporting them from the mosque for varying periods.

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