24 detainees from the West Bank at dawn today

The occupation forces arrested 24 citizens from different areas on Monday, including the head of the Association of Palestinian Scholars and prisoners of liberators.

Local sources reported to Al-Quds that the occupation forces arrested the liberated woman, Mona Qa'dan, from the town of Araba, south of Jenin, who had spent seven years in the occupation prisons. In addition to the arrest of Hamoudi Al-Samir and Ramiz Al-Samir.

From Ramallah, the forces arrested Abd al-Alim Alawi and Mahmoud Maali.

And from Hebron, Sheikh Mustafa Shawer, head of the Palestine Scholars Association, Anas Rasras, Omar Al-Qawasmi, Muhammad Abu Maria and Hammad Abu Maria were arrested.

The occupation raided the town of Tuqu ', east of Bethlehem, and arrested 10 freed prisoners: Muhannad Nimer Al-Amor, Muhammad Rabhi Al-Amor, Sufyan Oudeh Allah Al-Amor, Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Amor, Muhammad Mahmoud Musa Al-Amor, Uday Izzat Al-Amor, Anas Adel Al-Amour, Mahmoud Ali Al-Amour, and Baraa Raed Al-Amor Shadi Nayef Al-Amour.

From the city of Jerusalem, the occupation forces arrested Ahmed Khwais, Muhammad Al-Sayyad, Tawfiq Abu Sbitan and Adam Qaraa'in.


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