The occupation arrests 17 citizens of the West Bank

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

Israeli occupation forces launched a raid on the West Bank on Monday, killing 17 people.

According to local sources, Israeli occupation soldiers arrested the captured prisoner Imad Eddin Jamal Abu al-Hija from the Jenin refugee camp, who previously spent a total of 6 years in detention, Majd Abu al-Nada, Faraj al-Sabanori and Yahya Najm from Jenin.

In Ramallah, the sources said that young Musa Ahmed Musa Hamed, 18, was arrested after raiding his home in the town of Selwad, east of Ramallah, and seized a sum of 6370 NIS.

Clashes erupted between youths and Israeli soldiers who stormed the village of Kafr Nehmeh, west of Ramallah, raided a number of houses and arrested the freed captive Ahmed Hassan Nasr.

In the Qalandiya refugee camp and Kafr Killa neighbourhood in northern Jerusalem, clashes erupted between youths and Israeli soldiers who fired sound bombs after the arrest of Cheb Mu'tasim Mutair from his home in the airport district, and the questioning of two youths, Rajab Naaman Mutar and Rajab Naim Mutar after being removed from their homes.

The Israeli occupation soldiers also arrested the young man Mo'men al-Hashem from the Old City of Jerusalem.

In the town of Hazm east of Jerusalem, the occupation arrested Nadim al-Khatib and the return of al-Khatib's safety.

Local sources also reported the arrest of Talha Mohammed Zuhoor from the West Hebron ankle House and Hamad Fouad Ghanimat from Tsurif north.


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