Interior of Gaza: The epidemiological situation is dangerous, and we have a plan to secure the elections

Gaza Interior Ministry spokesman Iyad Al-Bazam said today, Wednesday, that the trend of escalating infections with the Coronavirus is increasing dramatically, and this sends messages of the need for citizens to abide by this wave.

In statements distributed by the ministry after a televised meeting, Al-Bazam indicated that there is a state of indolence among citizens in adhering to preventive measures against the Coronavirus, saying, "The more citizens adhere to the prevention measures, the fewer government measures imposed, and vice versa, and the less commitment of citizens, the greater the frequency of government measures. ".

He added, "It is too early to judge the feasibility of the measures taken recently, as only five days have passed since they have passed, but we hope that they will bear fruit in terms of alleviating the curve of high injuries."

He pointed out that there are many recommendations and proposals that are being studied to confront the high number of injuries, indicating that until the moment there is no decision related to new measures, and when they are taken, they will be announced.

"Our policy is to provide information in the hands of the citizens immediately, so as not to cause confusion in society," he said.

Al-Bazm added, "We are currently intensifying our efforts in order for citizens to be able to practice the rituals of the holy month of Ramadan without tightening procedures, and we are making every effort to do so, but the decisive factor in this matter is the extent of citizens' commitment to preventive measures."

"A complete closure is the most difficult scenario because it burdens citizens and causes great damage to all sectors, and it is not easy to resort to it, and it is subject to a comprehensive study and evaluation," he said.

Regarding the general election file, the spokesman for the Ministry of Interior in Gaza said that the ministry is fully prepared and prepared to secure the upcoming elections, indicating that there is communication between the Central Elections Commission and the police command in Gaza, as it is the authority authorized to secure the headquarters of the commission and polling centers, as well as facilitate the arrival of observers. Arabs and foreigners.

Al-Bazam said, "There is a ready-made plan to secure the electoral process, and Gaza is stable in security and ready to be the pride of all our Palestinian people."


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