A partnership agreement between America´s Kodiak and Chinese Hisai Technology to develop autonomous driving systems for trucks

US start-up autonomous truck development companies, Kodiak Robotics and China's Hesai Technology for Electronics, have signed a partnership agreement to integrate scanning units produced by the Chinese company into the autonomous trucking system developed by Kodiak.

Laser-based scanning sensors help self-driving cars to detect objects in front and around the vehicle and are an essential component of autonomous driving systems.

The automotive news site, Automotive News, indicated that Kodiaq will use scanning units from Hisai on both sides of the truck while keeping a scanning unit produced by Luminar Technologies at the front of the car, according to Don Burnetti, CEO of Kodiak and the founding partner of the self-driving truck company Auto, He also worked as an engineer at Google's program to develop self-driving car technology.

The US company Luminar Technologies for the production of scanners announced earlier this month to enter into a partnership with the Chinese automaker, the giant Siak Motor Corp.

Burnetti said that Kodiak is focusing on developing autonomous applications and relying on supplier companies to provide the equipment that powers the applications.

It is noteworthy that Kodiak was founded in 2018 and focuses on developing autonomous trucks for long-haul trips and transportation services between Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston.


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