Modern iphone phones are experiencing serious problems in America!

Washington _ Agencies

The site  "Pcmam" stated that some of the new iphone phones are having problems working on the territory of the United States.

The website explained that the problems appeared in the phones of the iphone  "Xs" and  "Xs" at the clients of the company  "verzeon" for communications only, after activating the lines of this company on the port  "esim in these phones, the devices receive the signals of networks " 2g "only, in which Make use of Internet services.

The website pointed out that the normal SIM cards launched by the company  "verzeon" operate normally in these phones, which means that the problem is treating the ports  "Esim in iphone with company lines.

For her part, she confirmed that she had contacted Apple and informed her of the problem and expected it to be resolved before the end of the year.

The latest iphone phones have come with technologies that allow them to operate phone communications, one via a traditional SIM card, and another that can be programmed to deal with a built-in electronic chip "esim.


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