The Prisoners Association: The occupation abused the child, Nour al-Din Ubaid, during his arrest and interrogation

The Prisoners and Executives Affairs Authority said today, Wednesday, that the Israeli occupation forces abused the child Nour al-Din Nasri Ubaid (17 years) from the town of Issawiya in occupied Jerusalem during his arrest and interrogation.

The child Obeid explained to the authority's lawyer the details of his abuse, saying: He was arrested during the confrontations that broke out in his town, when members of the Israeli army attacked him and beat him arbitrarily with their hands and feet and with the weapons they were carrying, which led to the child being wounded in the leg, bruises and bruises, and he could not stand That moment of the severity of the beating, they dragged him and dragged him on the ground and threw him inside the military jeep, and they continued to beat him mercilessly while he was inside the jeep.

Ebeid continued: He was then transferred to the Abu Ghneim police station, south of occupied Jerusalem, for interrogation, and there he was interrogated for an hour, while he was handcuffed and footed. He was tied until 2:00 am, and then they transferred him to the "Maskobiyya" cells.

He added: The conditions of the "Maskobiyya" cells are tragic, as the rooms inside the section are dirty, and the covers that the prison administration provides to the prisoners who are present are dirty, full of germs and insects, and cause skin allergies, and the meals provided are of poor quality and quantity. In addition, the guards' treatment of prisoners is very poor, as They assaulted and beat them, due to false pretenses and pretexts, and stayed in the Moskobiyya cells for 12 days, and after that, they were transferred to the Israeli "Ofek" prison, knowing that this prison is intended for the detention of Israeli criminal prisoners and not Palestinian security prisoners.

He pointed out that during his stay in "Ofek" prison, he was also not spared from beatings and insults at the hands of the jailers, as he requested to contact his family, but the jailers refused that, punished him, and severely beat him, and deliberately tied his hands to the pillar of the bed for long hours, and deprived him of food and drink and entry to The bathroom, he stayed for 10 days in "Ofek" prison, during which he tasted the two things, and then he was transferred to "Damoun" detention center.

It is noteworthy that the child Obaid has been detained since 12/23/2020, and is still being held until now. He is currently in Section (4), which is devoted to young children, in “Damoun” detention center.


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