He stole pizza and he was sentenced to 300 hours of work!

Moscow _ Agencies

A court in the Russian city of Kaliningrad sentenced 300 hours of forced labor to a man who stole pizza from a city restaurant delivery worker.

The court spokesman explained that in December, the man had ordered three pizza sandwiches from a restaurant in the city, and when the delivery worker came to his house, the man tricked the worker, distracted him and stole the pizza, then closed his door and refrained from paying for the meals.

The owners of the restaurant filed a complaint against the robber and, after being summoned to the investigation, pleaded guilty and transferred to the Kaliningrad Criminal Court, to be sentenced to 300 hours of mandatory work.

The court spokesman explained that the man's action fell under the classification of intentional theft and could have been sentenced to four years ' imprisonment, but the man's cooperation with the investigation and his confession of guilt led the judge to relieve the severity of the punishment.


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