Foreign Ministry: Israel turns the West Bank into isolated islands in a settlement perimeter in front of the world

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said, “The Israeli occupation state transforms the occupied West Bank, with its cities and towns, into mere islands scattered in a settlement environment, connected to each other in ways controlled by the occupation and controlling movement over them.”

The ministry clarified in a statement today, Tuesday, that the policy and positions of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and his provocative incursions into the occupied West Bank, and the accompanying incitement to deepen settlements and grant settlers more consolation rewards, are reflected daily and translated through continuous settlement escalation throughout the length and breadth of the West Bank.

She added that recent weeks have witnessed a clear intensification of settler attacks and crimes in conjunction with the election season in Israel, which turned the occupied Palestinian territory into arenas for competition between the different right-wing parties, and a subject of electoral "generosity" at the expense of Palestinian rights.

And she continued: Among the most dangerous of these operations is what is taking place in the areas extending from Nablus governorate to the northern Jordan Valley, including an open settlement war on all Palestinian lands located in those areas, and repeated attacks on citizens' property.

In the context, the ministry said that the operations of expanding and deepening settlement activity in the West Bank coincide with large-scale and systematic demolitions carried out by the occupation forces of Palestinian homes and installations, whether in occupied Jerusalem or in the areas classified (C), including the Jordan Valley, in a clear distribution of roles between the army. And the settlers and all the arms of the occupation state in a large-scale colonial settlement attack aimed at Judaizing and capturing Jerusalem, and the areas classified (C), and emptying them of the Palestinian citizens who own the land, in favor of replacing settlers in them, thus closing the door permanently to any opportunity for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state Geographically, and sovereign with its capital, occupied East Jerusalem.

At the end of her statement, she expressed her surprise at the silence and the international community's disregard for the daily Israeli attempts to change the reality of the occupied West Bank, blocking the door to any opportunity to achieve peace on the basis of the two-state solution, in an attempt to convince the world and states of the impossibility of achieving this vision by virtue of the changes imposed by Israel by settlement. And the occupying power on the ground.


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