Gaza: Demands to grant the wounded their rights

The Higher Committee for the wounded in the Great Oudi March demanded, today, Saturday, all human rights and international institutions to grant the wounded Palestinians their full and undiminished rights.

In a statement on the occasion of the Palestinian Day of the Wounded, the committee called on the PLO's Families of Martyrs and Wounded Foundation to financially approve all the wounded, especially the wounded in the Great March of Return, as a fixed right for them guaranteed by Palestinian law and presidential decrees.

The committee said in a statement, that the Day of the Palestinian Wounded represents a patriotic day par excellence that is celebrated by organizing official and popular national events in fulfillment and appreciation of their continuous sacrifices and suffering, and a reminder to the world of the ongoing crimes of the occupation against the Palestinians.

He added, "The 53rd anniversary of the Palestinian wounded day passes, and the wound is still bleeding and invaluable sacrifices .. This memory passes and we are still in the era of the martyrs and the dead, we stand with them and their side, we offer them various services in fulfillment, duty and appreciation for their pioneering role in changing the equation of the conflict with the occupier Zionist. "

The Higher Committee for the Wounded of the Great Return March affirmed that it continues with the wounded in the treatment, social and health programs, and supports their steadfastness and sacrifices as they represent a living witness to the crimes and ugliness of the occupation committed against the Palestinian people who seek to achieve their goals of return and liberation. As stated in her statement.


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