Media Gathering: 43 Israeli violations against the Palestinian press in October

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The Monitoring unit at the Palestinian media gathering documented more than 43 Israeli violations against Palestinian journalists in the course of their work and coverage of events in the occupied Palestinian territories last October.

The group said in a report on Saturday that the violations came in the context of the Israeli occupation forces ' continued targeting and violations against journalists in the Palestinian territories, especially during their coverage of the events of the major return marches on the eastern border of the Gaza Strip and weekly marches in the West Bank.

He noted that the Israeli attacks varied between: arrest, detention, beatings, firing of bullets, sound bombs and tear gas, as well as travel ban and field coverage.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested journalists in October, Walid Khaled, Zia Hamed, Amjad Arafa, and the latter (Arafa) was released on conditions, one of which prevented him from entering the West Bank for two weeks.

An Israeli court confirmed the second administrative detention of the journalist Osama Shahin, the trial of three journalists was postponed, and the storming of three other houses was monitored.

The media gathered 20 live bullets, three rubber bullets and eight cases of suffocation against journalists.

According to the media gathering, there has been a decrease in internal violations of journalists over the past month by security services in the West Bank or Gaza Strip.

The Group noted five violations, including the summoning of the preventive security apparatus in Ramallah by the press, Jehan Awad, during a telephone call against the background of its publications on the Social Security Law, and the arrest of journalist Mohamed Awad, after being summoned for interview, and later released.

The preventive security, journalist Amer Abu Arafa, a reporter  "shehab agency", was detained in the occupied West Bank before being released after a day of detention.

The Palestinian Authority's "peace" court in Ramallah, journalist Jihad Barakat, a space correspondent, acquitted Palestine today of the charge of filming and prosecuting the convoy of the head of the consensus government, Rami Hamdallah, considering the arrest procedure as "invalid", and that his arrest at the time of preventive security was not lawful.


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