The World Bank supports the project to build a modern internet network in rural Gaza

 The World Bank has supported a project to build a modern Internet in rural areas of the Gaza Strip, as part of its interest in enabling youth to obtain job opportunities and knowledge by making use of modern internet services.

An agreement was signed with Fusion for Internet services and communication systems in the Gaza Strip to implement the project, in partnership with the Finance for Jobs (F4J) project, with the total cost of the project amounting to $ 5.5 million.

According to the agreement, Fusion will assume, in addition to its role in planning, building and operating an independent fixed broadband network; The task of purchasing and providing modern equipment and wireless technologies, towers and cables.

The company recently received part of the equipment, which was shipped to the Gaza Strip, which enabled it to start building the network and installing the towers on which the Internet equipment will be installed. According to the agreement, Fusion carried out a comprehensive survey of the targeted areas in the Gaza Strip, in addition to signing the necessary agreements with the municipalities of the targeted areas to be able to benefit from the comprehensive, reliable, high-quality and affordable Internet services.

Mazen Asaad, Director of the Financing Project aiming at creating job opportunities for F4J, indicated that the continuous and continuous support would not have been without permanent and joint cooperation with both the World Bank and the Palestinian Ministry of Finance, and stressed that the F4J project aspires to support more strategic investment projects that fall within the targeted economic sectors. And which aims to create and provide jobs among Palestinian youth.

Dr. Khaled Abu Hasanah, Executive Director of the company, that the company adopted the latest equipment and technologies in the implementation of the project and in accordance with international quality standards, as in all its projects, in order to ensure the provision of the Internet with high quality and speeds at reasonable prices. Fusion will work directly to target communities in the areas benefiting from the project, whose residents are currently suffering from slow internet speeds and high prices.

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