Funeral of the corpses of Gaza martyrs

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

A large crowd of residents of the Gaza Strip on Saturday held the bodies of three martyrs killed by the Israeli occupation forces during the march in the border area on Friday.

The funerals of the three martyrs from the Abu Yousef al-Najjar hospital went to their families ' homes, in the southern city of Rafah, before praying and burying them in the tomb of the Martyrs in the east and west of the city.

The demonstrators lifted the Palestinian flag and informed the Palestinian organizations during the funeral, while dozens of volunteers and medical staff participated in the funeral of the martyr, paramedic Abdullah al-Qatiti.

According to the Ministry of Health, paramedic Abdullah al-Qatiti, Ali Aloul, and Ahmed Abu Luli were killed by Israeli gunfire during Sunday's marches.


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