"Corona Israel" within a year .. 5936 deaths and 809970 injuries

The Israeli Ministry of Health announced the registration of 3,055 new cases of Coronavirus in Israel during the past 24 hours, despite the low transmission coefficient and the retreat of positive test results.

These data come with the continued decline in the Qatari infection transmission coefficient, which stopped at 0.9, after last week it exceeded the 1 bar.

In light of these developments, and the continuation of the vaccination campaign, the Israeli Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the HMOs, intensified the tests for the discovery of Corona, as during the past 24 hours, 94,783 laboratory samples were taken to detect corona, the results showed that 3.3% of them are positive.

The number of infections diagnosed in Israel has increased since the virus was announced spread in the country a year ago, to 809 970, the majority of which were minor, who were subjected to care through home or hotel quarantine.

The total active injuries reached 38,577 injuries, knowing that it was 42 thousand last week, while the death toll from Corona reached 5936 deaths, as it recorded, yesterday, Tuesday, 14 deaths.

Despite the decline in active injuries, serious injuries are still high, as he lies in Corona departments in the country's hospitals, with 1073 injured, of whom 653 were critically ill and 215 in critical condition were connected to artificial respirators.

It is noteworthy that these data, which are recorded and related to the infection and infection index and the results of the positive examinations, are considered the lowest data recorded during the past 3 months, and the Ministry of Health, in coordination with the relevant authorities, examines the possibility of adopting more facilities to open the economy.


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