Gaza: The signing of an agreement to support the steadfastness and growth of the agricultural sector with 4 million dollars

The representative of the European Union in Palestine, Sven Kuhn von Burgsdorf, and the Spanish Consul General in Jerusalem, Ignacio García Valdkasas, today, Wednesday, signed an agreement to support the resilience and economic growth of the agricultural sector in the Gaza Strip, worth four million euros, in the presence of representatives For project partners.

This came during a signing ceremony held at PECDAR Foundation headquarters in Gaza City, in the presence of the representative of the European Union and the Spanish Consul General, and it is implemented by a group of non-governmental institutions with the aim of developing and developing small agricultural projects in Gaza.

During the signing ceremony, Burgsdorf expressed his thanks to the attendees and partners of the Action Against Hunger, the European Union, the Job Creation Program and Agricultural Relief, the Association for Women Development and the Office of the Presidency, saying: “I am very happy to come to Gaza and have the honor to meet everyone, and it is a great honor for me to sign this contract between Our partners, the European Union, between the Spanish agency, and everyone is here. It is important that I be here in Gaza, which is living under an unjust blockade, and we have to pay attention to these aspects. "

We want to support the youth and everyone in Gaza and give them hope for resilience and to demand their rights, their right of return, and knowledge of development so that they can grow themselves in many fields, and the most important of these sectors is the agriculture sector, in which everyone can work and create many job opportunities.

He explained that in the Gaza Strip, many suffer not only from the occupation, but also from the blockade and the weakness of the demographic expansion, and the climate change that is taking place in the world. Here, families consist of six individuals, so they need more development and support in order to reach the available development and development.

He stressed that the European Union will never hesitate to assist the agricultural sector and sector, noting the field of development that will provide farmers with opportunities to take these products and goods and go to the market, sell and buy, and give job opportunities to young people and farmers by having access to these products very easily, and with the introduction of technological development for them Easily and give them the opportunity to develop them.

We will work with our partners to support this agreement and we will be with our business partners for the next three years to achieve the development we need, but what you need here for the people of Gaza is to show hope, patience and steadfastness, ”Burgsdorf said.

For his part, Valdkasas said: “This project has many important goals for it, firstly, because of the besieged Gaza Strip, which has been suffering a lot for years, and secondly, the agricultural sector, which is one of the most important sectors in existence, which will help many affected and poor families, and the agricultural sector that will work To cooperate and strengthen cooperation between international bodies and the Palestinian Authority. "

Valdakasas expressed his happiness and thanks to the partners in this project, Action Against Hunger, Agricultural Relief, the Job Creation and Development Program for Women, and the Presidency Office.

For his part, Jihad Sharaf, Director of the Technical Department in the Job Creation Program, confirmed to WAFA that the aim of the project is to support the agricultural sector in Gaza by employing graduates, enhancing the role of women and employing unemployed workers.

Sharaf noted that the value of the project is four million euros, with generous funding of three million euros from the European Union and one million from the Spanish Cooperation Agency for a period of three years, implemented by four partners of the Job Creation Program in cooperation with Agricultural Relief and Action Against Hunger and Rural Women in the Gaza Strip.

And he considered that this project has four partners, in order to enhance the support of institutions, work among them, and cooperate with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Water Authority and the rest of the partners.


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