The occupation prevents an event on Women´s Day for the women´s center in Al-Tur, and its director is holding hours

Israeli occupation forces stormed a women's event to celebrate International Women's Day, which took place on Monday in the town of Al-Tur, east of Jerusalem, and arrested the director of the Women's Center, Ikhlaal Al-Sayed, and fashion designer Manal Abu Sabitan.
Yasmine Al-Sayed, one of the organizers of the event, said: The occupying forces broke up a women's event, a heritage exhibition of Jerusalem itis, at the headquarters of the Mount of Olives in Al-Tur, and seized traditional Palestinian clothing and the contents of the exhibition.
She added: The occupying forces arrested the director of the women's center, Ikhlas al-Sayed, and the fashion designer Manal Abu Sabitan, and took them to an interrogation center in Jerusalem, and later released them.
"We were surprised that large forces of the occupying forces and their intelligence entered the Hall of the Mount of Olives Club, where there was an activity on the Palestinian heritage, a fashion show, a popular dabka, a Palestinian wedding, embroideries, accessories and healthy food from the work of Holy ladies, who detained the attendees, confiscated the products and arrested me and the fashion designer Manal Abu Sabtan, and took out the attendees and participants in the event after checking their identities vigorously outside the hall, and closed the place and prevented the activity by the decision of the Israeli Minister of Internal Security Amir Yohan, under the pretext that the funding of the activity is from the Palestinian Authority.
She denounced this unjust decision, saying that the activity is individual and subjective and has nothing to do with it in the Palestinian Authority, considering that this prohibition targets the national institutions in Jerusalem, on which the occupation seeks to impose Israeli sovereignty.
She had been interrogated for about three hours before her release and warned against such activities, which reflected Palestinian sovereignty over Jerusalem and its institutions, and the violation of the so-called Israeli sovereignty law, as responsible for such activity.

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