Gaza: Feminist Activities on International Women´s Day

On Monday, the Gaza Strip witnessed a series of women's events overseen by specialists to mark International Women's Day, which falls on March 8th each year.
The General Union of Palestinian Women organized a stand in solidarity with the prisoners held in the israeli prisons, where many of the images of those prisoners were uploaded, along with slogans demanding their release, and others demanding protection for them and Palestinian women in general in light of Israeli violations.
Iamt Hamad, a member of the General Secretariat of the General Union of Palestinian Women, said that this stand comes to pay tribute to every woman, especially the Palestinian ones, and to the captives in particular, stressing that all women's institutions will continue to struggle until the liberation of these prisoners and to convey their case to all the forums of the world.
Hamad called on the Palestinian Authority to speed up the enactment of laws that protect and fair women, including the Family Protection Act and the need to adopt it and apply it immediately.
The Palestinian leadership denounced the amendment of the law on ngos, considering the aim of this to control and encircle all these institutions.
Hamad praised the move towards elections to strengthen democracy and end the division, stressing the need to abide by the decisions of the national and central councils to increase the participation rate of women to 30%.
The Palestinian parties called for the discrimination of women in their power, as women were part of the Palestinian struggle and had done so, and would continue to struggle and resist.
In the context of the events, the Palestinian Federation of Sports Culture organized a special event called "Confident Footsteps" by "Walking" on the shore of the Gaza Sea, with the participation of dozens of women who wore sports wear and travelled a long distance.

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