Thousands of Israelis are demonstrating, demanding the departure of Netanyahu

Thousands of Israelis participated, on Saturday evening, in various demonstrations against the corruption of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, especially in Balfour Square in West Jerusalem, and some of them were attacked by Netanyahu’s supporters.

About a thousand Israelis demonstrated in Balfour Square, near Netanyahu's residence in Jerusalem, while hundreds of people demonstrated at bridges and junctions in various Israeli cities.

Demonstrations continue in Israel for the thirty-seventh consecutive week to demand the departure of Netanyahu, and to protest his policies and the accusations leveled against him in cases of corruption.

The Israeli police, which deployed at the end of the Sabbath before the demonstration in Paris and Balfour Square, prevented traffic in the streets of Ben Maimon, Gaza, Agron and King George in West Jerusalem.

The police repeated their weekly rhetoric that "they are working to allow a public protest by the demonstrators, but they will not allow any violation of public order, and they will act decisively against any attempt to disrupt public order or harm the natural existence."

The demonstrators held up banners reading "Netanyahu failed, leave," and "Netanyahu smells terrible, go."


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