Partial suspension of attendance at UNRWA schools in Gaza, Sunday

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees, "UNRWA", announced today, Saturday, the suspension of work hours tomorrow, Sunday, during the last two classes of the morning and evening shifts in all schools, in protest against the Agency’s administration’s refusal to send daily teachers instead Vacancies.

In a brief statement, the federation said that this reflects negatively on student achievement levels in schools, especially in light of the difficult circumstances related to measures to confront the spread of the Corona pandemic.

It was decided that students would leave school at the last two lessons, while teachers would hold out to pressure UNRWA to reverse its decision.

For its part, the Democratic Gathering of Workers in the International Relief Agency announced the union framework of the Popular Front, its support for the protest steps announced by the Union.

In a statement, the gathering considered the decision to suspend work as part of pressure on the UNRWA administration to backtrack on its continuing unfair measures against refugees, employees and teachers in particular, according to the text of the statement.

He stressed that these protest steps intersect with the sit-ins and mass stances of the masses of refugees today in front of UNRWA centers to deliver clear messages to the administration that there is no compromise on the rights of refugees, and this administration must stop these dangerous policies that fall within the framework of attempts to liquidate the refugee issue and end the role of UNRWA. refugees.


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