Clashes hit Gaza border, Egyptian delegation visits tents

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

Thirty-two of them were hit by live bullets in clashes with the Israeli border in eastern Gaza on Friday.

According to our correspondent, thousands of demonstrators rallied along the borders of the Gaza Strip as part of Juma's events, "We will drop the fateful promise" in reference to the anniversary of the Balfour Pledge.

He noted that large crowds rallied along the border on the 32nd Friday of the return marches and the break-up of the siege, which began on March 30 March last year.

According to our correspondent, the burning rubber tyres have been very limited by young protesters, many of whom have committed themselves not to approach the security fence.

This comes at a time when the Egyptian security delegation arrived in the return camps east of the northern Gaza Strip town of Jabalia to see peaceful popular marches.

According to various Hebrew media, there have been no fires in the casing, and the events are witnessing the dumping of several explosive bombs on the border, but they are limited.


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