A UN report: The occupation demolished and confiscated 35 Palestinian buildings within two weeks

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OCHA) said that the occupation authorities demolished or confiscated 35 Palestinian buildings in the occupied West Bank, during the past two weeks, under the pretext that they lacked building permits.

In a report released today, Friday, entitled "Civilian Protection", which covers the period between February 16 and March 1, the office stated that the demolitions resulted in the displacement of 98 people, including 53 children, and caused damage to about 60 others.

The report stated that 17 Palestinians were wounded during this period, during clashes with Israeli forces in various parts of the West Bank, while Israeli forces carried out 184 search and arrest operations and arrested 158 Palestinians in various parts of the West Bank, and Jerusalem governorate recorded the highest number of these operations at 60, as Most of them were implemented in "East Jerusalem".

Israeli settlers injured a 17-year-old Palestinian boy, and damaged Palestinian property, including vehicles and trees.

 In the Gaza Strip, the report indicated that Israeli forces fired warning shots on at least 29 occasions, near the border fence or off the coast of Gaza, under the pretext of imposing restrictions on access.

 On two other occasions, Israeli forces bulldozed land near the fence.

In a separate incident, two Palestinian men were injured after handling explosive remnants of war (ERW) east of Gaza City.


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