The Washington Post: The Trump initiative on Yemen seems to be biased in favor of the Saudis

Washington _ Agencies

The Washington Post said the United States needs urgent action in Yemen to contain the damage caused by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, noting that the Saudis are leading a deadly but ineffective campaign in Yemen that has caused the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

The newspaper said the Saudi crown prince failed in his predictions about his military campaign against Yemen three years ago, adding that the administration of US President Donald Trump finally provided support for the UN initiative but continued to help the Saudi forces in their war.

The newspaper also said the Trump administration decided to intervene after congressional calls for a halt to U.S. support for the war on Yemen, stressing that the administration's initiative on Yemen seems to favour the Saudis.

The Washington Post said that Saudi Arabia's approach to Yemen was very similar to its way of dealing with the Khashhoggi case.

As for the student bus in the Dhayan massacre, she pointed out that Saudi Arabia first said it was a legitimate goal, then returned and said that the bus massacre an accident then a rogue operation and then promised to investigate and punish the officials.

"If the Trump administration is serious about stopping Yemen's war, it must find a way to resist the lies and cruelty of the regime of Muhammad bin Salman," the paper said.


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