Foreign Ministry: Occupation exploits religious holidays to escalate attacks on citizens and their property

She added that these attacks were repeated in Tel Rumeida in Hebron and areas adjacent to settlements on the land of citizens in many Palestinian areas, which coincided with the Jewish "celebrations" of the "Feast of The Saher", which is not surprising.

She explained that on every "occasion" and every Israeli "celebration", we witness a series of attacks on Palestinians and their property, and every time more than one Israeli official comes out with a package of "justifications" to insult and display these attacks and place them under the banner of "unilateral acts", "marginal boys" and other flimsy pretexts and justifications to cover up the crimes of settlers against Palestinian citizens, in an attempt to hide the fact that these elements are organized groups spread ing along the West Bank and displaying them, and enjoy the support and protection of the political and military establishment in the occupied State, and continue to rely on the political and military establishment of the occupation state, which continues to be used by the israeli occupation authorits. A judicial system that provides it with the necessary immunity as an integral part of the occupation system, where it often charges and kills the victim (Palestinian) and opens the doors of escape and legal protection to the perpetrator (elements of Jewish terrorism).

The Ministry condemned the continued terrorism of the occupying army and settlers against Palestinian citizens, their land, their land and their holy places, and considered it organized State terrorism, which would remain in doubt with the dubious international silence and inaction of the international institutions and abandon their legal and moral responsibilities towards those crimes and those behind them.

"This international indifference rises to the level of complicity with the occupying power, its projects, its expansionist plans and its crimes, which have become the daily reality of Palestinian life," she said.

More than ever, it was required that the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court be quick to announce the opening of a formal investigation into the crimes of occupation and settlers.


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