Arrests in the West Bank and hundreds of settlers storming Joseph´s tomb

The Israeli occupation forces launched, at dawn today, Thursday, a campaign of raids and arrests in a number of villages, towns and governorates of the West Bank.

According to local sources, large Israeli forces stormed the vicinity of Joseph's Tomb in Nablus, amid violent confrontations with dozens of youths who responded to those forces.

According to the sources, the Israeli forces worked to secure hundreds of settlers storming Yusef's tomb to perform Talmudic prayers.

In the context of the ongoing Israeli attacks, the Israeli occupation forces arrested an officer in the Palestinian Police Service, Ruslan Adili, from Nablus.

Another force arrested Yazan al-Kurdi from Bethlehem, Hashem al-Sharif, and Muayad Banat from Hebron, while Yusef al-Natour from Tulkarm, Muhammad Abu Zahir from Abu Shkheidem village in Ramallah, and Mahdi Bushnaq from Jenin.

Saif Muzhar, Muhammad Yusef al-Shu'ani, and Muhammad Murad al-Shu'ani were arrested from Qalandia camp north of Jerusalem.


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