Israeli forces arrest 14 Palestinians in West Bank

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

Israeli occupying forces carried out a nationwide campaign of arrests in the West Bank on Thursday, which affected at least 14 citizens.

Local sources said that the Israeli occupation arrested Nasser Mohammed al-Tahir from his home inside al-Naala neighborhood in Shuweika suburb north of Tulkarem.

The Israeli occupation soldiers also arrested Majid Alawneh al-Turk and Mohammed Amjad Zakarneh from their home in the town of Qabatiya, southwest of Jenin. Local sources said that the occupation confiscated 32,000 NIS from the House of Jamal Hanaysheh in the town.

The Israeli occupation soldiers confiscated NIS from the House of the liberated prisoner Amjad Hanesh in Wad al-Naqar, who is in Qaraliyah.

In the city of Nablus, the sources said that Cheb Qassam Qandil had been arrested at his home in Askar old camp. The occupation handed over the youths Walid Saed Mansour, Qusai Yasser Amer, Arafat Yasser Amer and Mohamed Taher Amer, from the village of Kafr El, calls for intelligence review.

Clashes erupted with the occupation in the village of al-Mazraa, north of Ramallah, following the arrest of several youths from their homes, including the witness of Ali Abu Laila, Ahmed Rabah Hanoune, Mohammad Shriteh, Thaer Mohammad Shriteh, Yasser Mohammed Shriteh, Adham Ibrahim Ladadwa.

Local sources reported the arrest of Yahya Badr Abu Alia from the village of al-Mughair, east of Ramallah.

In Bethlehem, the sources added that the occupation arrested the captured captive, Nidal Abu Aker, a leader in the Popular Front of the Dheisheh refugee camp, as well as Mohamed Nidal Abu Aker.

Israeli occupation soldiers also arrested Anas Rsarr from Hebron in the south of the West Bank.


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