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A year from now, Twitter has applied the advantage of increasing the maximum number of characters to 280 characters in a tweet instead of 140, in a move that has enabled singers around the world to express themselves easily through a single tweet.

As Twitter aimed to continue providing a platform for people to communicate and share news and opinions, the main purpose was to ensure that the basic concept of Twitter is preserved in speed and brevity.

On the first anniversary of this feature, Twitter revealed some facts about the effect of maximizing the tweet characters to 280 characters, as the language used around the world evolved last year. When analyzing seven languages, Twitter found that since the doubling of the limit on the number of characters in the tweet, the singers showed a 54% increase in the use of words such as "please" and 22% for the word "thank ".

Arabic has also seen an increase of 83%, 56%, 44% and 30% in the use of the words please, if possible, thanks, and please respectively, as the rate of use of abbreviations has decreased in favor of the appropriate words, in addition to the low rate of use of English shortcuts such as the word "gr8" by 36% and 13% for the word " B4 "and 5% for the word" sry "for 32% + for Great Word, 70% + for Before Word and 31% + for Sorry word.

New data revealed that Twitter has become more intuitive and Twitter is still a place of brevity, and the most common tweets remain small (with 140 characters, 34 in English and 30 in Arabic, with 280 characters becoming 33 characters in English while 30 characters remain in the language Arabic).

In the past, about 9% of tweets in English and 4% of Arabic tweets exceeded the allowable limit of 140 characters, which reflected the challenge of matching the idea in a single tweet, which often led to its being edited to match the allowable limit.

A year after the maximum allowable number limit of 280 characters is applied, about 1% of the tweets in English and Arabic are up to 280 characters. It also showed that 12% and 5% of tweets in English and Arabic, respectively, were sent after the maximum number of characters was increased to 280 characters of 140 characters.

Globally, the Twitter platform saw a high percentage of tweets exceeding 140 characters by about 6% and a 3% increase in the number of tweets over 190 characters, which shows that there is no need to do more to modify ideas to suit tweets, while short tweets still form the norm.

The platform saw more questions and conversations, as the number of tweets with a question mark "?" increased by 30%, and tweets generally receive more responses.


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