Palestine and Britain sign a cooperation agreement to support trade worth 15 million pounds sterling

under the patronage and presence of Prime Minister Dr. Muhammad Shtayyeh, the government represented by Minister of National Economy Khaled Al-Asaily, and the British government represented by British Consul Philip Hall, today, Tuesday, at the Prime Minister's Office, signed a cooperation agreement to support Palestinian efforts in supporting trade And enhancing the role of the private sector, and the competitiveness of national products in international markets.

Under this agreement, the British Foreign Office and Development Office (FCDO) will provide a maximum of fifteen million pounds (about 21 million US dollars), through a new program to facilitate trade and support customs.

According to the agreement, the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development will cooperate with the Ministry of National Economy in designing the new program to achieve the vision and objectives of the program in facilitating trade and customs support, and putting it into practice as soon as possible.

The Prime Minister said, "I thank the British Consul General for this timely grant, in partnership with the Ministry of National Economy. For us, this agreement is important because it relates to trade facilitation, as Palestinian trade lives in exceptional circumstances related to the obstacles it faces, be it trade." Internal or foreign trade. "

Shtayyeh added, "What is important to us is what is related to strengthening the capacity in the institutions that work in economic, commercial and other affairs, and therefore not only the ministry but also our partners from all the players in the economic institution related to the ministry."

He continued: "The agreement also covers something important for us, which is the matter related to customs, because Palestine needs a customs book and clear customs procedures, but unfortunately we do not control our borders and therefore the customs issue now needs to be addressed of another kind, and it is important that we have customs stations present. On the borders, as was the case on the bridges, and there were Palestinian stations, but unfortunately Israel canceled this matter. "

Shtayyeh added, "In addition, the agreement provides support to the private sector, and this support is important, because the private sector leads the growth process in Palestine, and we need to expand the productive base of the national economy, and we need issues related to trade and the private sector, and we diversify from our commercial partners, and we work." With a strategy of replacing imports to enhance the national product, and strengthening the institution towards embodying the state on the ground.

In turn, British Consul General Philip Hall said: "We are happy to be partners in this project. Supporting trade is an important step for the Palestinian economy, and we seek through the agreement to improve trade performance and Palestinian customs capabilities, for the sake of a two-state solution."

For his part, Minister of National Economy Khaled Al-Asaily said: "We are looking forward to the meeting of the Joint Economic Committee to enhance trade exchange with Britain, and we hope to strengthen cooperation and sign more agreements through a diplomatic trade attaché in London."


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