Gaza Health Primary Care Manager: 2000 doses of vaccine will arrive in Gaza tomorrow

Magdy Dahir, Deputy Director of Primary Care at the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, said this evening, Sunday, that the first batch of the Russian Sputnik vaccine against the Corona virus will arrive tomorrow in the Gaza Strip.

In an interview with Al-Aqsa local radio in Gaza, Dahir explained that 2000 doses will arrive in the Gaza Strip tomorrow, indicating that another quantity of vaccines will arrive in succession during the coming days and weeks.

And Israeli sources said, earlier in the day, that the Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi would agree, in the coming days, to a request submitted by the Palestinian Authority to transfer tens of thousands of doses of the Corona vaccine to the Gaza Strip.

According to the Walla Al-Abri website, officials in the Palestinian Authority contacted the Israeli security authorities and requested approval for the transfer of these vaccines.

Israeli officials said that Israel agreed and helped in the wave of the spread of Corona to transport medical equipment to Gaza, and it seems that Corona vaccines will not differ from the flu vaccines and the regular drugs that were allowed to be transported.

Gantz had agreed to deliver hundreds of vaccines to the Palestinian Authority to vaccinate medical staff, and he expects to transfer thousands in the coming period, with the arrival of thousands of vaccines from Russia and other donors, and others purchased by the Authority.

The family of the Israeli soldier Hadar Golden had submitted a petition to the Israeli Supreme Council to prevent the transfer of vaccines to Gaza prior to returning the missing Israelis to Gaza.

Later in the day, the family accused the Israeli government of abandoning its soldiers and introducing vaccines into Gaza, even though it had denied any intentions in this regard while presenting its position before the court.

According to the site, the "Southern District Command" in the Israeli army is closely monitoring the state of the disease in Gaza, fearing that the spread of the virus will lead to a military escalation, especially since Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas, threatened months ago that if Israel prevented the entry of vaccines, this would have serious consequences.

Senior military officials told the Hebrew website that the blame for the lack of vaccines will be directed to Israel, and this will be reflected in the security situation, and rockets can be launched from Gaza to attract the world's attention and pressure decision-makers.


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