Injuries during the suppression of mass events

a number of citizens were injured, yesterday, Friday, during the suppression of the occupation, mass demonstrations and activities rejecting settlements in the Nablus and Salfit governorates.

Hundreds of people participated in the weekly march in the town of Beit Dajan, east of Nablus, which bore the slogan "Friday of the Fire" on the anniversary of the launch of the Palestinian People's Party.

After the Friday prayers, the march headed towards the settlement outpost east of the town, during which the participants raised Palestinian flags and chanted slogans rejecting the settlements.

The soldiers fired live and rubber bullets and tear gas canisters at the participants, causing three injuries with live bullets and dozens of cases of gas suffocation.

Dozens of settlers, under the protection of the occupation forces of the historic Khan al-Laban, stormed in the eastern town of Laban, south of Nablus, and dozens of citizens confronted them, while the soldiers fired sound and gas bombs.

And the occupation forces suppressed an event for Friday prayers on lands threatened with confiscation in "Al-Marhat" and "Al Ras", west of Salfit.

Local sources reported that the owners of lands threatened to be seized for the benefit of settlements in Al-Marhat and Al-Ras, in addition to dozens of citizens, participated in the event called for by the PLO factions, the municipality of Salfit, the governorate institutions, the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission, and the Popular Resistance Committees.

She explained that a citizen was hit with a tear gas canister directly in the head, and was transferred to the Martyr Yasser Arafat Hospital in the city, in addition to dozens of suffocation injuries.

The Red Crescent Society reported that its crews dealt with 3 injuries with live bullets, one with metal bullets, and two suffocation injuries. They were all transferred to Salfit Governmental Hospital.

Settlers attacked a number of citizens in the Khallet Hassan area in the town of Bidya, west of Salfit, and detained one of them.

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