Injuries and arrests in raids in the West Bank

 The Israeli occupation forces carried out, at dawn today, Monday, a campaign of incursions into Palestinian villages, towns and cities in the West Bank, during which they arrested more than 15 citizens.

According to local sources, the occupation forces wounded Nour Al-Baitawi, after shooting him inside his home in Jenin, before they arrested him and transferred him to an unknown destination.

An Israeli military spokesman claimed that the detainee was responsible for a shooting attack against an Israeli force earlier last month, and that he was wounded while trying to arrest him and flee from the scene.

Israeli forces also arrested 4 other young men, Sultan Nazzal and Sanad Nazzal, from the town of Qabatiya, and Ahmad al-Ghoul from Jenin refugee camp, in addition to Issa Hijazi.

Meanwhile, a special force from the city of Al-Bireh kidnapped four young men: Adham Hammouda, Muhammad Amira, Muhammad Daraghmeh, and Abboud al-Tawil.

Another force arrested the two brothers, Hassan Hammad, a freed prisoner, and his brother Muhammad, who had special needs, both of whom were residents of the Yasmine neighborhood in Al-Bireh.

Meanwhile, the citizen Muayad Erian, from the Al-Shorfa neighborhood in Ramallah, was arrested, and the child Muhammad Mahmoud Hamza (15 years), from Jalazoun camp.

In Nablus, a young man, Aws Salem, from the town of Bazaria, was arrested, and Sameh Hammad, from the village of Kafr Qalil, was released.


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