The electronic payment application "Venmo" intends to introduce new services during the current year

The electronic payment application via smartphones, which is owned by PayPal, the American electronic payment company, intends to provide more services to users in the coming months.

According to PayPal, the parent company, Venmo users will not only be able to send small amounts of money to their friends quickly, but they will also have the option to buy some digital currencies, enter money and even follow the latest data on shopping offers with tools integrated with the Honey Shopping service.

PayPal CEO Dan Shulman revealed these developments during the fourth-quarter results announcement for the company. He said that the feature to allow buying and selling and keeping digital currencies would be added to the Venmo application in the coming months. PayPal also seeks to provide more financial services through the application, such as budgeting, savings and other investment alternatives by working with partners in these areas.

Among the new additions to the application, integration with the Hani shopping service. Later this year, Venmo users will be able to monitor prices, obtain vouchers, find out the best offers and access their lists of options on the Honey service, through their account on the Venmo application.

PayPal did not disclose specific times for the launch of these new services.

Schulman pointed out that the VINO user base continued to grow over the past year, with the number of users increasing by 30% annually to about 70 million users.


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