An artist creates a glass sculpture of the AstraZeneca vaccine

 An artist has made a glass statue of the AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine, on the occasion of vaccinating 10 million people against the Corona virus in Britain.

The statue is 34 centimeters across, which is millions of times larger than the nanoparticles in the actual vaccine.

Artist Luc Giram and his team spent a month working on the sculpture, with the same materials used to make glass test tubes in scientific laboratories.

Five limited copies of this artwork are being made and the profits from its sales will go to Doctors Without Borders to help communities suffering from the pandemic.

And Jeram, who owns a studio in Bristol, also created a statue of Covid-19 - last March.

He told the British "Press Association" news agency that after suffering from the disease in November, he decided to focus his next project on "the vaccine, our way out of this global crisis, as a tribute to the scientists and medical teams working cooperatively around the world to combat the virus."


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