Death misses Palestine´s friend, international activist Mary Thompson

American activist of British descent, Mary Hughes Thompson, has died after suffering with cancer, leaving behind her a life of struggle that she spent defending the Palestinian cause, believing in the right of the youngest Palestinian child to live and defend his land and homeland until he is rid of the occupation.

Dr. Mona Al-Farra, a community activist who is considered a companion to Mary and a close friend of her, said that she met her during 2007 in Los Angeles, California, USA, and at that time a group of activists had the idea of ​​breaking the "Israeli" blockade that was imposed on the Gaza Strip in the year 2007, and they had the idea of ​​breaking the blockade by sea on boats, and indeed we encouraged them to implement the idea after it was presented to us, and we assured them that it would take a media momentum that would expose the occupation practices against two million Palestinians in Gaza even if you were prevented from reaching the shores of the besieged Gaza Strip.

Al-Farra added that after that, these activists, including Mary, announced the establishment of the "Free Gaza" movement and began communicating with many activists from different countries of the world to mobilize this idea. We also established in Gaza the International Committee to lift the siege, accompanied by the late Dr. Iyad Al-Sarraj and a group of civil society activists, and we started We send invitations to the "Free Gaza" movement to receive them in Gaza,

Dr. Al-Fara pointed out that the activist Mary was in the midst of all these movements, but she was far from the media and did not like to appear, working silently, and throughout her life she was one of the most prominent in solidarity with the Palestinian cause, adding: “After that they arrived in Gaza, and Mary brought socks and medicines with her. And milk for children, and our relationship continued after that with her on the basis of solidarity with the Palestinian people, and we used to meet once a year, but three months ago I called Mary and told me that we would not meet this year in Manchester as usual, so I thought that she meant the closure caused by the Corona pandemic, However, she told me after that that she had a cancerous tumor, and the doctors told her that it was completely spread in her body and she might die within two months, and she left yesterday.

And Dr. Al-Farra, that Mary is a character representing a very large group of activists scattered around the world who work for the support of the Palestinian cause and solidarity with the rights of the Palestinian people based on what this people decides.

She pointed out that this work is long-term and accumulated and needs to continue, and every time I travel abroad I see that the international solidarity movement with the Palestinian cause is always growing little by little, and all activists, including Mary, always affirm that the Palestinian people still live a cause of national liberation and for them A political issue, not an issue of aid or compassion.


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