Thousands demonstrate against Netanyahu

 Thousands of Israelis demonstrated this evening, Saturday, for the 33rd week, in protest against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to demand his resignation and accelerate his trial, amid accusations that he had failed in facing the Corona virus.

The main march, in which about 2,000 protesters took part, was concentrated near Netanyahu's residence on Balfour Street in Jerusalem, while hundreds demonstrated at intersections, bridges and some squares in separate cities, including Tel Aviv and Caesarea, in front of Netanyahu's personal home.

The participants raised slogans condemning the policies of Netanyahu and his government, including "Quarantine kills more than Corona," while others raised slogans condemning the violence of the Israeli police against Arabs. According to the Hebrew site Ynet.

The Black Banners movement, which calls for demonstrations, along with others, accused Netanyahu of making the decisions regarding Corona and the closure based on unrelated political considerations.


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