The occupation forces Maqdisi to demolish his house on the pretext of not authorizing!!

The occupation municipality forced the citizen Nimr Khalil Nimer to demolish his house in the town of Sur Baher in Jerusalem with his own hands, under the pretext of building without a permit.

His family demolished their house and collected its rubble, using hand demolition tools. The municipality gave it until tomorrow morning to implement the decision, otherwise its staff will do so in return for paying the "demolition fee."

Nimr explained that he had reclaimed his house, which is a settlement of "85 square meters," so that his son Jihad and his wife lived in it, and the municipality had issued a decision to demolish it or that it would demolish it itself.

Nimer said: "The law of non-licensing and the relentless pursuit of the occupation municipality to displace Jerusalemite citizens, are racist laws against the Jerusalemite citizen. This is a systematic policy of the occupation government to displace the city’s residents, but despite this, we emphasize steadfastness and steadfastness."

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