Israel: The vaccines will only be transported to the West Bank and will not reach Gaza

 official Israeli political sources said this evening, Monday, that the vaccines that were transferred and will be transferred in succession to the Palestinian Authority will be intended only for the areas of the West Bank.

The sources stressed - according to the Seventh Hebrew Channel - that vaccines will not be allowed to be transferred to the Gaza Strip, noting that the goal of transferring vaccines at the present time is to vaccinate Palestinian medical staff.

She indicated that other quantities of vaccinations will arrive in the coming weeks, and they will be used to vaccinate security personnel.

The Hebrew Ynet website reported that 2,000 doses were transported today for the benefit of the Palestinian Authority, on the recommendation of Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz.

Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh said that during the next two weeks, the vaccination process would take place, including Gaza, which would receive its full share.

In a message addressed to Gantz, Zvi Hauser, head of the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee in the Israeli Knesset, demanded that the authority not allow the authority to transfer any vaccines to the Gaza Strip, especially the Hamas leadership.

Hauser said that there is a fear that some of these vaccines will be transferred directly or indirectly to the Hamas leadership, adding, "It is the duty of the Israeli government to ensure in advance and through its various means that the Israeli vaccines will remain inside the West Bank and will not extend to Hamas in Gaza."

"A new equation must be established with Hamas based on humane reciprocity, the essence of which is to return the bodies of the victims and the kidnapped civilians, as a condition for a humanitarian initiative on the issue of vaccines in the Gaza Strip," he added.

"The mind does not tolerate a situation in which Hamas leaders are vaccinated with a vaccine originating in Israel while its citizens and the bodies of its victims remain in Gaza."


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