IOF uprooted 200 olive trees from the land of Beit first

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

On Monday, Israeli occupying forces uprooted 200 olive trees and washed away 13 dunums of farmland in the town of Beit-I, west of Hebron.

The Israeli occupation forces stormed the area of Khirbet Kharouf, west of Beit Al, and uprooted 200 olive trees planted 10 years ago, destroying the fence and chains surrounding the target land, said the director of the Farmers ' Services Department of the Hebron Agriculture Directorate, Hashim Bdarin.

The occupation forces are pursuing a policy of sabotage and uprooting trees, and are trying to prevent farmers from working on their land in the area close to the apartheid wall in preparation for their seizure, said farmer and landowner Hijazi Mohammed al-Tarshan.

For the second consecutive time, the occupying forces washed away 13 dunums of agricultural land owned by Suleiman Mahmud al-Mahad, and removed the barbed wire that surrounds the farmland.

The western region of Beit Al first is being bulldozed, demolishing wells and uprooting crops, with the aim of restricting citizens and inducing them to leave their land adjacent to the settlements.


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