Israeli occupation authorities decide to close the Ibrahimi Mosque on Friday and Saturday

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The Israeli occupation authorities announced that the Ibrahimi Mosque would be closed to worshippers on Friday and Saturday and opened to settlers on the pretext of Jewish holidays.

The Minister of Awqaf and Religious affairs, Sheikh Yusuf Idwais, denounced the Israeli government's decision to close the Ibrahimi Mosque in front of the worshippers and open it with all its time and squares to the settlers.

In a press statement, he said, Israeli policy at the Ibrahimi Mosque is provocative, with greed and malicious intentions, through which Israel is trying to take full control of the Haram step by step after it has captured and controlled the majority, especially the Jewish holidays, and this contradicts the conventions and laws Which ensured the protection of freedom of worship.

He renewed his call for Arabs and Muslims to move to save our holy places and protect them from the real dangers looming over them, which obliges everyone to put the issue of protecting the sacred at the top of their priorities, to protect them from these dangers.

He demanded that the sons of Hebron continue to perform prayers at the Ibrahimi Mosque and protect him from successive Israeli plans to seize him.


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