The occupation demolishes a mosque under construction in the Yatta desert

At dawn on Wednesday, Israeli occupying forces demolished the Um Qata mosque (under construction) in TheYa, south of Hebron, destroying a water well and cutting off water extensions to the "Um Qasba" school, which was not threatened by the israeli occupation forces.
According to the coordinator of the national and popular committees in southern Hebron, Rabet al-Jubour, that the occupying forces stormed the area of "Um Qata" in Badia Yatta, at around 6 a.m., and began demolishing the mosque "Um Qasba", a mosque under construction, which is a settlement with columns, and then destroyed a water well in the mosque, and destroyed the network of extensions to the school "Um Story" which is dangerous to the demolition.
Al-Jubour said residents in Um Qassa went out to confront the occupying forces and try to prevent the demolition of the mosque, and there was a fight between them and the occupying forces, and prevented them from approaching, and no injuries or arrests were reported.
Al-Jubour said the Israeli occupation forces also confiscated a mobile bathroom in al-Rakes area, a passenger belonging to Mohammed Abu Aram.
On The 17th of This Month, the Israeli occupation forces were notified of the removal of the mosque "Um Qasra" and the facilities of the "Um Qasra" school, amid the rejection and attempts to prevent the demolition of the residents and activists, and held prayers last Friday in the school square to denounce what is going on.
In a press statement, The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs Hossam Abu al-Rub condemned the demolition of the Mosque by the Israeli occupying forces at dawn, stressing that the demolition of the mosques clearly demonstrates the barbarity reached by the Israeli racist incitement machine towards Islamic and Christian holy sites in Palestine, and that this crime is a blatant attack on Muslims and their feelings.
Abu al-Rub stressed that there are no more safe places of worship in light of the attacks and crimes against them by the Israeli occupation and the herds of settlers, considering that this racist attack is added to the list of Israeli crimes against the holy places.
Abu al-Rub called on international Islamic institutions such as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Islamic Conference and Arab and Islamic countries to intervene and act to stop and end these attacks.

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